Top 6 Canadian Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow


Canadians are adventurous people and love to journey in various parts of the world. They document their explorations on travel blogs to give helpful tips and motivate others.  If you are looking for some travel encouragement from Canada, and around the world, the list below are the top six Canadian travel bloggers you need to follow to make the most of your trip.

Nora Dunn

Enjoying the experience on the road with no fixed address, Nora Dunn was a Canadian Certified Financial Planner. She decided to move her career from corporate life to travel blogging. Visited more than 55 countries, she started her journey since 2007. Her skills include the ability to get free accommodation around the world. She has experienced house-sitting, volunteering, living on boats, hospitality exchanges, and a lot more.

In her blog, The Professional Hobo, you can see the transparency because Nora keeps everything real. Through determination and incomparable patience, Nora can travel full-time without worrying about the budget, and she shares secrets to help others achieve the same dreams. Follow her blog, and you’ll see that traveling will cost you way less than what you think.

Evelyn Hannon

Journey Woman, the premier travel resource for women maintained by Evelyn Hannon, is where the Female Travel Revolution began in 1997. The network has 5,500 women followers and still counting.

Evelyn is a granny who loves to travel to learn. She teaches every female traveler helpful tips and tricks through her website. Her technique, when there’s a need to research a new destination, Evelyn interviews her blogger pals who live around the world. She’s getting excellent travel advice (the information that’s mostly can’t be found in guidebooks) from the local women’s point of view.

For motivation, here’s one inspirational line that Evelyn has mentioned in one of her blog s. “Pack Light Pack Right” makes sense. She also added that “people travel to observe not to be observed.” You can learn so many things from her.

Dian Emery

At the age of two, Dian Emery, a gracious and giving lady, started traveling to Germany, Spain, and France with her family. Later, she realized that a traveler must have a budget to continue the journey. So, she settled down for a few years to work on the stock exchange trading floor.

To continue her passion, she writes about travel as the Managing Editor of the popular website— Girl’s Getaway. The site has expanded facilitated by six regular contributors and numerous guest writers.

Corbin Fraser

You need courage and patience when organizing a trip by yourself, booking your accommodation, transport, and itinerary. As the founder of  I Backpack Canada, Corbin Fraser is skilled when it comes to providing ideas about destinations, activities, and adventures to independent travelers.  His Canada-specific travel blog gives you a guide to what to pack, where to go, pre-trips, budget tips, health, and all you might find on the road. Corbin can help you have perfect independent travel with the lowest cost.

Mariellen Ward

Mariellen Ward began her passion for writing when she visited India. Her vacation there changed her life. It ignited her purpose of traveling to inspire and expose oneself to new ideas. You’ll discover so many great things from her, especially the marvelous places in Canada.

Her Breathe Dream Go, a transformational travel blog, is an award-winning travel site that can change you. It provides a positive influence on local communities, and environments.

Janice Waugh

Another excellent travel blogger in Canada is Janice Waugh. She’s skilled in speaking publicly to groups who seek long-term travel. Obtaining a consultative experience from Janice is your edge to be successful as a solo traveler.

Janice Waugh’s Solo Traveler Blog can help you face your journey alone. She started writing due to personal loss, becoming a widow since 2009. If you prefer to pack a bag and go on a trip by yourself, visit her website, and you’ll get inspiration about living a great life single, personal resilience, and finding success as a location-independent entrepreneur.

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